Mauritian Hotel Group Restores Endemic Plants

SUNCARE is a non-profit organisation launched by the Mauritian hotel group Sun Resorts in 2016, as a way to collaborate with partners and build a community of people who believe all lives are equal. The non-profit’s initiatives focus on small, local, community-based actions that have a direct and powerful impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Currently, SUNCARE focuses on 4 big projects – SUN Children Cancer Trust, marine conservation, local community-based  projects and the Adopt a Tree project all of which are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The endemic trees project – Mauritius’ natural habitat comprises an extensive list of endemic plants, many of which could go extinct. The Adopt a Tree initiative enables the guests staying at hotel group’s properties to sponsor an endemic tree that can be planted in the hotels’ gardens or  île aux Cerfs and îlot Mangénie, two nature gems of the Mauritian lagoon that are under Sun Resorts’ responsibility. After obtaining a permit to make Îlot Mangénie a nature reserve, a list of endemic trees to be planted was created with Dr Mahomoodally, Head of the Health Science department of the University of Mauritius. This project could ultimately lead to the restoration of Îlot Mangénie to its natural state. The islet harbours a remarkable mangrove forest, one of the world’s most complex ecosystems that prevents erosion, protects the coast from cyclones, and provides shelter to innumerable species. Endemic trees hold tremendous nutraceutical and medical potential.

What makes this project interesting to the SUS-ISLAND project efforts is that SUN involves the active support from tourists visiting the island. Through their endemic trees project the visitors become sensitized to the issues of the islands and can have an active part in supporting reforestation.

For more information on SUNCARE’s initiatives, please visit their website –

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