SUS-ISLAND Kicks-Off the Sustainable Hotel Innovation Workshop and Technical Visits

Over 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in the tourism value chain is from the Mauritian hotel industry, and there is a significant potential to lower the tourism value chain footprint through a sustainable operation. On the handprint side, hotels have a large potential to further improve positive impacts to the local communities, the value chain partners and the tourists through sustainable tourism innovation.

On 16th of September 2019, SUS-ISLAND kickstarted its activities with the hotels through a workshop, which was attended by 40 Hoteliers and partners. During the session, participants were requested to develop sustainable tourism innovation ideas and action plans. Following this, SUS-ISLAND conducted technical visits to 5 selected hotels to capacitate on energy and water savings as well as handprint improvement measures. The support was well-received and the results are being monitored to test the performance of the recommendations.

We very much appreciated the expertise and the support we received today. Especially for an independent resort like ours, this approach is very good. It was a very good opportunity to learn for me and my team and update our technical know-how. Especially if you are focusing on the day to day routines, this is very important. For us, this is an important first step towards a recognized international sustainable certification.’’
RAPHAEL ANAUTH | Managing Director

Le Palmiste Resort & Spa ‘’During the Audit at Veranda Tamarin, the team and myself learnt a lot on how we can make things more sustainable. I like the approach of the audit, it was a real exchange of ideas and solutions. We got some good pointers regarding energy-saving and how we can achieve our goal of becoming more sustainable as possible. I’m very happy with the Audit and I will love to have the chance to participate in a future collaboration. Many thanks for that visit. ‘’
Dimitri Vaulbert
Hotel Manager
Veranda Tamarin – Mauritius

Hotels are invited to join the SUS-ISLAND Project

SUS-ISLAND is open to working with hotels, that are committed to sustainable improvement and innovation. If you are interested in further training and would like to apply for the free-of-charge support, please answer this questionnaire by the end of December 2019.

Based on the survey’s result, we shall inform you, if you can participate in this 2nd round of professional support, which is scheduled in May 2020.

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Improving Sustainaible Tourism In Mauritius through Greening the Value Chain of Tour Operators (SUS-ISLAND) is a Switch Africa grand project funded by the European Commission and led by Mauritius Tourism Authority. Its objective is to promote sustainaible tourism in Mauritius by demonstration and scaling up a self-sustaining mechanism for improving  sustainaibility impacts along the value chain improving awareness and market of sustainaible tourism products.