Registration for Top-up Course in Tour Guiding for Nature-based activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of health and safety practices in international travel and tourism. As countries around the world reopen borders, international tourists are prioritising health, safety and security when deciding their post-pandemic holiday destinations.

As part of the objectives of the Tourism Authority, the safety and security at touristic sites, encompassing emerging trends of nature-based activities, is of top most priority. However, it is felt that there is a lack of trained and certified Tourist Guides to accompany visitors in a safe, knowledgeable, and professional manner. We have had in the recent past a few casualties that could have been avoided in the presence of qualified Guides to adopt the best practices as required.

To address this issue, the Tourism Authority through its project Sustainable Island Mauritius (SIM), is launching a Top-Up Training Course targeting 100 Tour Guides, vested upon the Ecole Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval for the organization and delivery of the training sessions.

The sessions will comprise of both theoretical and practical outdoor sessions with the support of the GIPM, SMF Officers and the NPCS amongst others. Four batches of trainings will be available, with the first one starting in September, and the last one in December 2022.

You can now register yourself here

Deadline for registration: 31st August 2022


The training course shall be accessible to:

  • Freelance Tour Guides in operation individually or employed by a DMC or any other recognised entities
  • Tour Guides who have undertaken a prior training in the field would have a definite advantage
  • Tour Guides in possession of a valid License from the Tourism Authority would have a definite advantage


This course includes field training and physical aptitudes are being required. A Health Certificate from a public Hospital certifying Health and reasonable level of Physical Fitness which includes Blood Test, an ECG & a Stress Test would need to be produced. You will have up to 30th August 2022 to perform all the compulsory tests. The candidate would be informed of the scheduled call at the respective hospital via mail after registration.


–              Eligible candidates shall pay at the beginning of the course a non-refundable fee of Rs 1,500.00 (inc. VAT) once Health clearance is obtained.

–              The Tourism Authority through its project Sustainable Island Mauritius (SIM) shall sponsor the remaining fees for each participant


–              Certificates shall be handed to those who have completed ALL proposed modules following a final evaluation

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